MIG Welding Machine Detail

MIG Welding Machine

MIG-500 380V

  • Small and light: with the mid-frequency transformer which is extremely smaller than the traditional welding power sources: weighting one fifth to one tenth as traditional welding power sources; only one third as big as the traditional welding power sources.
  • Efficient and energy-saving: because inverter welders reduce the wasted power by using less copper and steel. Over one third power consumption will be saved because the efficiency is 80% while the power factor is as high as 0.93.
  • Having step-less adjustment for welding current and voltage. Different requirement of different welding technique will be reached.
  • Stable welding with small spatter and outstanding welding performance.
  • With the function of auto-compensation against power fluctuation.
  • Design separately; suitable for welding at high place or special position.
  • Design integrated; welding anywhere at any time; easy to operate