Lawkim Three Phase Motors Detail

Lawkim Three Phase Motors

Lawkim offers a wide range of general purpose, custom-built single phase and 3 phase motors for industrial and commercial use. Our manufacturing plant near Pune follows modern manufacturing practices, uses the latest technology and ensures excellent quality for high reliability.

Recently, we have successfully developed a range of 3 phase motors in IEC frames 63 to 200. This range of premium efficiency IE3 motors is as per IEC60034-30:2008 / IS12615:2011 and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Technical Features

  • Frame Size : 63 to 200
  • Power Range : 0.18 kW to 30 kW (0.25 HP to 40 HP)
  • No. of Poles : 4P as standard (2P, 6P and 8P will be offered on request)*
  • Motor Meterial : Frame: Cast Iron (with mounting feet integral to the housing - for constructions with feet)Terminal Box on top as a standard, Fan Cowl: Sheet Steel, Fan: Thermoplastic
  • Degree of Protection : IP55 as per IS:4691
  • Voltage : 415 V as standard. Other voltages can be offered on request*
  • Frequency : 50 Hz. Other frequencies can be offered on request*
  • Type of Construction : Frames up to 132: IMB3 as standard IMB5, IMV1, IMB35, IMB14, IMB34 can be offered on request*
  • Cooling Type : IC411 as per IS:6362. (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
  • Ambient Condition : 50°C, Altitude
  • Insulation Class : Class F, with temperature rise limited to Class B
  • Bearing System : Ball bearings with C3 clearance
  • Lubrication System : Sealed bearings up to 132 frame and regreasable bearings are available for frames 160 onwards as a standard.
  • Special Features : Dual speed, Brake motor, Special shaft extension, Insulation class other than F, non-standard voltages,

*For more details on these features, please contact our local sales office.

Most suited for industries like
Cement | Steel | Construction | Machine Tools | Textile | Material Handling | Fertilizers | Poultry | Air-conditioning | Power

Advantages of three phase motors

  • The output of 3 phase machine is always greater than single phase machine of same size. The output will be approximately 1.5 times than single phase machine.
  • For transmission of electrical power three phase supply requires less copper or less conducting material than that of single phase system for given volt-amperes and voltage ratings. Hence 3 phase system is more economical compared to single phase system
  • Single phase machines are not self-starting machines. On the other hand three phase machines are self-starting due to rotating magnetic field.
  • Three phase system gives steady output and also ensures that a single-phase can be derived from it itself.